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How to make a CHEAP valve spring compressor.

Recently we ran into a 2002 HONDA XR400R that we wanted to replace the seals on and didn't have a valve spring compressor.
So, Jason at Dirt Brothers showed us how to make one CHEAP!
(1) Large C clamp, in this example we used a 7".
(2) swing arm bushings or some pipe .86" OD or there abouts.
Bench grinder
Hack saw.
Total cost about 5 dollars

While we had the head apart we replaced the seals and tuned up the valve and seat faces.

This is not intended to show you how to rebuild a head, it is intended to show you how to make a valve spring compressor and save some bucks.


Here's some pics of how it works.












All done.

The tool worked perfect and we ended up with a really good running XR400.


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