JT Engine Works - Have your KX500 engine rebuilt using our Sean Collier Specs.

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JT Engine Works - Have your KX500 engine rebuilt using our Sean Collier Specs.

Post by Sandblaster » Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:22 pm


Hi guys, this is Jason at JT Engine Works.

So, you want way more torque out of your KX500 engine in the low to mid range?
You want to have the same engine that Sean Collier uses?
We have you covered.
But, before I go any further, this is not a pull your arms out of their sockets and push your eye balls in the back of your head kind of engine.
This engine was designed specifically to gain you maximum traction when riding on tight hard packed MX tracks and requires a rethink in the way you normally ride a KX500.
In a drag race with good traction a nearly stock KX500 engine will beat the Sean engine hands down.
Because of this, we offer many different engine options at many different price points.

This rebuild quote will get you the same engine that Sean uses.
We designed the port work and engine mods to substantially increase the bottom end to mid range.
No need to rev this engine to the moon (It won't anyway)... As soon as the power comes up, shift it :lol:
What all is included?
A ton of stuff..
Let's start with parts..

Wossner Rod (polished)
Wossner Piston (Modified)
New clutch plates
11009-1949 1
13165-1122 1
13236-1188 1
14024-1611 14024A COVER,GOVERNOR 1
480J1500 480 CIRCLIP-TYPE-C,15MM 1
480J2400 480 CIRCLIP-TYPE-C,24MM 1
49006-1179 BOOT 1
49114-1058 49114 SHAFT-GOVERNOR 1
59051-1129 GEAR-SPUR,WATER PUMP,11T 1
610A0408 610 ROLLER,4X8 5
92004-1009 92004 STUD,8X35 9
92004-1176 92004 STUD,10X55 2
92004-1223 92004A STUD,10X47 2
92009-1563 1
92022-1739 92022 WASHER,22.5X46X2.6 1
92022-1832 92022A WASHER,22.3X38X3.0 1
92022-255 92022 WASHER,17.3X28X1 1
92022-269 1
92022-304 2
92026-1238 92026 SPACER,15X28X1 4
92028-131 92028 BUSHING,26X35X14 1
92028-1551 92028 BUSHING 1
92033-026 92033 RING-SNAP,24MM 3
92033-029 92033A RING-SNAP,18MM 2
92033-1089 92033B RING-SNAP,25MM 6
92038-001 1
92042-007 92042 PIN,DOWEL,6.3X8X14 4
92043-1293 1
92045-0013 92045C BEARING-BALL,3TM-SX0391ZC3 1
92045-036 92045 BEARING-BALL,#6905 1
92045-1011 92045 BEARING-BALL,#6305 1
92045-1027 92045A BEARING-BALL,6306SH2,9TC 2
92045-1134 92045B BEARING-BALL,63/22T2C3 1
92045-1235 92045 BEARING-BALL,6001C3ML01 1
92045-1305 92045D BEARING-BALL,608MC3 4
92046-0034 92046 BEARING-NEEDLE,HK1210FM 2
92046-1170 92046 BEARING-NEEDLE,KT202614 1
92046-1193 92046 BEARING-NEEDLE 1
92046-1252 92046 BEARING-NEEDLE 2
92049-012 92049 SEAL-OIL,SB20285 1
92049-1206 92049 SEAL-OIL,RSO-5.5X11X4 1
92049-1207 92049A SEAL-OIL,SDO8144 1
92049-1262 92049A SEAL-OIL 1
92049-1366 92049B SEAL-OIL,MHSD8X18X10J-1 1
92049-1577 92049 SEAL-OIL,TC32457 1
92050-057 92050 SEAL-OIL 2
92051-005 92051 SEAL-OIL,TB13225.5 1
92055-022 92055 RING-O,17.5X1.5 2
92055-025 92055A RING-O 1
92055-035 92055 RING-O 1
92055-055 92055B RING-O,19.5X1.5 1
92055-061 92055 RING-O,10X1.5 2
92055-1343 92055 RING-O,5.5X1.5 1
92065-058 1
92065-073 1
92066-1437 1
92081-076 1
92081-097 92081A SPRING 1
92081-1934 92081 SPRING,GOVERNOR 1
92143-1370 92143 COLLAR,25X32X10.5 1
92143-1055 1
92144-1115 92144 SPRING,KICKSTARTER 1
92150-1467 1
92150-1888 92150 2
92152-1075 1
13140-1058 FORK-SHIFT,2ND&3RD 1
13140-1059 FORK-SHIFT,4TH&TOP 1
13140-1142 FORK-SHIFT,LOW 1
49047-1063 ROD-SHIFT,5.9X10X64.5 1
49047-1064 ROD-SHIFT,5.9X10X81 1
Complete Cometic gasket set.
Crank works will balance (with the piston assembly), assemble, true, and weld the crank.
Complete Kawasaki Team Green port mods, plus all our own special mods.
Piston mods to improve torque throughout the power range.
Decompression valve and custom head mods.
WPC Treatment on all the wear parts to decrease Parasitic drag and improve engine longevity.
Cases will be hand lapped to insure correct mating.
The oil passages and ports will be modified to increase oiling to the main bearings as well as between the cases.
All the aluminum will be vapor blasted and cleaned to perfection.

Current pricing $3995.00 not including return shipping.
Prices are subject to change without notice but I don't play games.
If my cost does not go up, your's will not either.

What you will need besides this build..
Quad vent 38mm Air Striker Carburetor
10mm Reed spacer.
Rad Valve reed.
FMF Woods Gnarly Pipe.
You may also need transmission gears and or work on your existing gears.
You may also need additional work to your engine cases.
We can't quote a price on this until we have your engine in hand and can inspect it.
Clutch basket, hub, and pressure plate?
2 piece clutch cover
Stator cover
Flywheel cover

Because of the custom nature of this build and parts availability, we can't guarantee a time frame.
However, better figure on a winter project of at least 3 months.
The reason for this is the stacking tolerances of factory KX500 parts.
Sure, I could come fairly close with some basic measurements as we are taking the engine apart but let's face it.
If you want this engine I have to basically build the bottom end before I can do the port work on the cylinder.
Timing is crucial and we don't want to cut corners on this type of build.

Yes, you will need to run C12 race gas and a blend of Premium pump gas of 50%.

There are also other services we can offer including undercutting your gears, and cryogenic treatments.

If you want a replica of this build we can do that for about $1,000,000 :o :shock: :o
Just kidding, you will need to call me for a price.

Again, Prices are subject to change without notice but I don't play games.
If my cost does not go up, your's will not either.
If bikes are for kids I'll never grow up.

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