KX500 and the MZB ignition system issues solved by Motorrad.

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KX500 and the MZB ignition system issues solved by Motorrad.

Post by Sandblaster » Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:34 am

First, I have three systems and I think they are great!
Who doesn't want to run lights and heated grips on their K5? :lol:
There is a issue that myself and a few others have had.
For some reason, some of the earlier units didn't want to fire up unless you kick it 6 or more times.
What we found out is that the plugs didn't even fire for several kicks.
So what is the deal?
Apparently Motorrad was more annoyed by it then myself so he made it his mission to figure it out.
What he did was to start testing everything..
Then he dug for all the tech info he could find.
3 weeks of scratchin and toiling and his is now a 1 kick start bike again.

NGK non resistor 90 degree plug cap.
Bosch Silver W4CS plug gaped to .018" ( Be careful you don't scrape the silver off the electrode when you gap it.)
Test your plug... It should read .2 ohms.
The NGK plugs were all over the place.
Out of 40 tested only 3 spec'd out.
From the engine case ground to the spark plug electrode you should read nothing more the 10K ohms (10,000 ohms).
With no Spark plug, measure from the cap to the engine case ground should read should be 6.3k ohms (6,300 ohms).
He replaced all the MZB connector with marine grade spades.

Stator specs
White to Brown should be 70 ohms
Red to Brown should be 500 ohms

Motorrad uses an extra ground wire that goes from the stator to the coil.
Probably not required.
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