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Post by Sandblaster » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:52 pm

All of us at KX Guru Racing have been crazy busy with our lives so sometimes we forget to give updates on what is going on. As many of you know, Sean Collier is a awesome rider. But like a lot of us he is a family man. With one more child on the way it's a wonder he has time to ride at all. In a effort to help keep Sean riding and racing the KX500 all the guys here have donated a lot in terms of time, labor, and money. But we couldn't do it on our own. We had several sponsors, FMF, Millennium Technologies, Boyesen, Adam MillAr, Jason Tanner, Alex Ward, Oscar Cota, Spiny Norman, Me :-), DH1 Racing Products, Faster USA, Motocross Action Magazine, WPC Treatments, and many others. But the quest for more power and better power continues. So, we have some mods that we will be releasing the info on as soon as Sean has some ride time on the new engine and hopefully some FMF dyno time. But again, this takes time and money. And you guys have come though. How? About a year ago we did the Fund me thing and you guys came through and helped get some of the parts for the original bike we built, Groot. Another way you guys helped is with the T-shirt money. Every project we have done for Sean we have been behind on money, time, and parts. But for once, we are ahead of the game on the parts dept. With the T-shirt money we bought a Wossner piston to have ready. We will gradually build up parts to help speed up future builds as money comes in. You gotta sell a lot of T-shirts to buy parts :-) So our special thanks goes out to all who have contributed. THANK YOU!!

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